Victor Hensen House/Rudolf Höber House

The 6 storey new building unites a number of different uses by the CAU Animal Facility and the Institute of Physiology under one roof. In addition to offices, research rooms and common rooms, the building also has seminar and practical rooms, measurement facilities for physiological experiments on test subjects, workshops, storage and equipment rooms.

New building of the Central Animal Facility and Physiology
New buildung, view from the North. Credit: doranth post architekten


The U-shaped building meets the high demands of the location in combining various users, protection of historic buildings, networking with the University campus grounds and site decontamination.

With its multi folded gable roof, clearly structured facade construction of rear-ventilated fibre-glass-reinforced concrete panels with horizontal window elements, the formation of a sheltered interior courtyard and the attractive entrance to the Institute of Physiology and the CAU Animal Facility which is cut into the building, the volume of this building creates a new presence on the University campus.

The new building, with its animated roof shape, is visually interconnected and invigorated in its asymmetrical shape by the organisation of repetitive horizontal window formats. The parts that are dedicated to teaching and thus more public spaces can be identified by the large glass areas in the facade.